Basic types of non-ionising radiation:

• Underground water currents ,

• Geological faults,

• Hartmann, Curry and Schneider Nets,

• Natural, cosmic and terrestrial radiation ,

• External and internal technical radiation.


All recent researches (scientific and ''alternative'') emphasise adverse and detrimental effects of these radiations on human health and mood !

Water flow or an energy knob occurring under the bed sooner or later leads to a disease. The combination of water flow fixtures and energy knob under the bed creates a very strong geopathic spot !

• Dr. med. E. Hartmann, director of the Geology Research Center in Heidelberg (Germany) concludes: ''Cancer is a disease that is associated with life at geopathic places. Many difficulties faced by cancer patients including metastases would not occur and many people might have had longer life if their sleeping place was healthy.''

• Gustav Von Pohl in his book “Earth Currents: Causative Factor of Cancer and Other Diseases” explains that all diseases of humans, animals and plants have their primary cause in a variety of radiation that weakens the body and thus makes it vulnerable to disease.''




Terrestrial radiation…

…is caused by underground water currents, oil and gas fields, ore or changes within Earth crust.

All these radiations have adverse impact on humans if they are exposed thereto throughout longer period. Such radiation causes polarity change within human body, leading to health problems. Nowadays diseases occur even in shorter period of time, due to exposure to additional radiation within our environment, increasing adverseness of the naturally occurring radiation.

However, adverse radiations do not affect all people equally, due to differences in immune system. Everything in the nature is polarised, whether it is alive or not. Each side of our bodies have different polarity. There is difference in polarity of men (usually positive) and women (usually negative). Radiation has its own polarity as well; there are negative (-), positive (+) and neutral (!) radiations. All these polarities are of great importance for health. Whether positively or negatively polarised, all radiations are adverse to human health.


Radiation of geological faults

Geological faults occur due to soil shears, whereas antagonistic soil layers get in contact, producing very adverse radiation. These are the sites of synclines and anticlines. Fortunately, these areas are quite rare.


Cosmic radiation

Cosmic radiations we are constantly exposed to would have extremely adverse impact on the life on Earth if we were not protected by the ozone layer. Unfortunately, today we hear about the holes in the ozone layer through which the adverse cosmic radiation reaches the Earth. Our experience shows an increase in detection of cosmic radiation that did not exist before.

Interfered with Earth radiation, cosmic radiation creates an invisible network across the entire globe, appearing as meridians and parallels. Up to date, three such networks have been discovered and determined - Hartmann's, Curry's and Reinhardt-Schneider's.


Electromagnetic, ionising and radioactive radiations are also types of cosmic radiation.


Electromagnetic radiation…

…has major impact on living beings. Such radiation impacts cells inside of the body, causes changes in molecular structure and polarity, which leads to health problems. Such radiation has extremely adverse impact on brain cells, as it creates anxiety, psychological disturbances, dizziness, and blood pressure variations.

Ionising radiation…

…causes ionisation of molecules, and includes X-ray and gamma radiation. It gradually destroys cells, damaging the organism to high extent. There was a time when it was thought that a thorough medical examination had not been performed if the patient was not subjected to X-rays. Nowadays, due attention is paid to decrease exposure of people to such radiation as much as possible.

Radioactive radiation…

…occurs with the change of one element into other or of one molecular type into other; penetration of radiation depends on its nature and energy. There are alpha, beta and gamma rays. Positively charged alpha particles penetrate barely few centimeters through the air. Negatively charged beta particles cannot penetrate even few millimeters of aluminum. The most prominent are gamma rays that penetrate concrete layer of 1 cm thickness, while their strength remains intact.

Radioactivity became topic of serious discussions only after A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Further on, the fear of destructive power of this modern world specter increased with the frequent experimental nuclear explosions and their deterrent effect. True panic, however, spread only after consecutive failures on nuclear power plants, peaking with the disaster in Chernobyl.

Radiation from our environment…

…result from transmitters, radios, radars, radio beacons, transmission lines, substations, radioactive lightning rods, X-ray machines, all types of antennas, electronic devices, etc. All these radiations are more or less adverse.

There are nearly no inhabited places where radiation is not present, be it underground water currents, geopathic or cosmic radiation, or radiation of electronic devices. It is not uncommon that all these radiations are present at the same place. While other types of radiation are mostly of constant intensity, intensity of technical radiation (of electronic devices) alternates, depending on the number of sources that are active at the same time.

Various electronic devices found their way to children as well, as school supplies or entertainment. If child is exposed to such devices in school, at home, in the kindergarten or playground, it will have adverse impact on the health. Same applies to adults. Therefore we should not be taken by surprise to see children, teenagers and adults being nervous, anxious, agitated, mean, very often even aggressive. We often see hyperactive children. These children are very healthy, with strong immune system which prevents them from spending their time on places exposed to adverse radiation. Medical examinations of these children assess their condition as "over healthy".

Even if modern technical devices were installed in accordance with applicable regulations, and their validity confirmed with the use permit, it still does not mean that such devices are not adverse to the environment. For instance, underground water currents, Hartmann or Curry Net are not taken into account in applied regulations. Regardless of the installation and the fact that devices on their own do not spread adverse radiation, when located on top of underground water current or adverse knob, they do start to radiate adversely. Therefore location and direction of transmission lines are of utmost importance, because in case they across over railway, the entire area will be covered by adverse radiation.