It should be known:

Human body emits electrical impulses, but in wide range of frequencies and on very low voltage. For this reason these impulses were not discovered nor measured until recently. Human frequencies range from 1.562 to 9.457 KHz. Frequencies of pathogenic organisms (pljesni, virusi, bakterije, crvi, gliste, metilji, vaške itd) range from 77 to 900 KHz. These very low frequencies make pathogenic organisms protected inside of human body, while living on geopathic places caused by adverse radiation puts people at risk of diseases which may be caused by these pathogens.


Dr. Hulda Reger Klark,

Dr. Med & Nutritionist

Following are results of her long-term scientific and example-supported research work.



• Although it appears as odd, it is now quite obvious that each human being makes its presence known in the same manner as radio-station, sun or stars. I gave it a name – bioradiation.

• It may be the same energy as Asian Chi; it may be simply connected to it. It may be the energy running through meridians discovered by Asian doctors eons before our time.

• It may be the energy spiritual masters and faith healers are able to control, but it may as well not be.

• It may be the energy pshycics see, which creates occult appearances, but it may as well not be.

• What is truly unbelievable is the fact that energy was discovered by ordinary people much longer ago than scientists. Persons using KINEZIOLOGIJA “skill”, pendulums, diving rods and other forms of “unusual energy”, have beyond any doubt partially acquired bioradiation-related skills. This very fact proves intelligent of ordinary people, whose minds are open inspite of objections of scientists nowadays.

• I don’t know what causes bioradiations, electric emission of our cells. I’ve only noticed its frequency and c1aught it, in order to measure it. That frequency ranging from 946.000 Hz (for child) up to 1.520.000 Hz is within range of radio-frequencies (RF).

• Anyone having experience with radio-frequencies is aware of their odd display, whereas by odd we don’t mean unknown, but rather fascinating. In order to flow, it does not require closed circuit. Bodies and objects may “absorb” it even without being plugged into the circuit. These fascinating properties originate from capacity and induction – abilities that are possessed by objects around us, and even by ourselves as well.

Selective destruction by electricity

• Electricity nowadays may be used to kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites within not days or weeks required by antibiotics, but within few minutes

• Within 20 minutes (three minutes on six different frequencies) entire family can get rid of parasites. Case of people diasnosed with cancer showed that universal cancer marker, ortofosfotirozin, can be removed from their bodies by killing that parasite.

• Cases of “uncurable” AIDS lost their virus within few hours. Lab tests on HIV turned back negative! In many cases patients suffering pain where immediately releaved, if I would have managed to discover real “bug” and figure out its frequency.

• It appears to be absolute proof that living creatures basically emit some sort of high-frequency energy.

• In the meantime, people have to be informed of the means of killing their attackers and cure chronical disease harmlessly. Number of attackers grows exponentially thanks to general fall of immune system over the last decades. This may be the case with all species on the planet. Pollution of the biosphere has increased which lead to possibility for each individual to acquire immuno-deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

• We are not made ill by parasites solely. It is being done by pollution as well. Selective purification with the electricity rarely make people feel completely well. Ill people always have additional factor present in their environment which needs to be corrected.

! Remember real challenge is not to kill our attackers, but to re-build our immune system and our health!

Killing parasites with Zapper

• By “killing parasites with Zapper” we mean selective killing of pathogenic organism with the electric current. For years I used commercial frequency generator to “destroy” one parasite after the other.

• In 1994. my son made precise hand-handled frequency generator, which operates on battery. We named it Zapper. Its purpose was to enabe everzone to kill intestine parasite (METILJ) on 434000 Hz using cheap device. Using generator on different frequencies can be so beneficial, so I thought that everyone should know how to build that device. However, when I tried Zapper on one bacteria I had sample of, I’ve noticed it killed other three as well, on different frequencies. It had never happened before. When I tried it on others, even if they had dozens of pathogenic organisms, they were all killed.

• Consecutive testing showed it was not result of some special construction or special waves produced by device. It happened due to presence of other bacteria.

• I used to set my frequency generator to vary between positive and negative charge. Now I tried to set it to vary between positive and zero (neutral) charge. It was equally effective as frequency generator operating on battery.

• It takes three treatments to kill all parasites. Why? First Zapper treatment kills viruses, bacteria and parasites. But within few minutes other bacteria and viruses appear. I concuded these were the ones that infected parasites in the first place, and once those were gone, their cause was released. Second Zapper treatment kills these released viruses and bacteria, but upon that new viruses appear. These must have been those that affected some of the last bacteria. Upon third treatment I never found any remains of viruses, bacteria or parasites, not even hours later. Why viruses inside of parasites were not killed after first treatment? Maybe because electricity flows through outer edge. Body of the parasite protects their inner side. That is why my previous, quite promising work resulted in only partial improvement.

• Since I was doing treatment only once, and not three times, it explains why single treatment with frequency generator or Zapper causes cold.

! Every positive offset frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously if three requeirements are met: sufficient charge (in this case of 5 to 10 V), length (7 minutes) and frequency (any in the range of 10 to 500000 Hz).

! Creating positive offset frequencies is the best way to kill all pathogenic organisms quickly. But it requires more treatments.

! Zapper does not kill protected organisms, such as those that could be inside of your stomach or intestines. Electricity flows down the walls of stomach or intestines, not through their content .