Hardware and software package «Intera Vector-BIOPSI-DiaCor» is designed for identification and assessment of the functional condition of human organism without invasion into internal environment.

Computerized diagnostics of human health condition is based on registration of parameters of zonal conductivity under conditions of the direct current from different body areas and receptor zones that are functionally associated with certain internal organs.

To the appointed skin areas (forehead, hands and feet) six electrodes are attached through which an electric signal of low intensity is recorded. Electrical patterns are recorded through exchange of direct current in 30 vector directions. In order to ensure reliable figures, recording is done repetitively, and statistical average parameter is taken for diagnostics.

Contrary to electrocardiography, encephalography or myography, our package contains fixed non-alternating current of high frequency (such as “action potential”). This enables recording of summarized qualitative values of "membrane potential" and response of cell receptors of all 65 organs to external environment, portraying functionality at the cellular level. At the same time dominant type of vegetative regulation on various levels is defined: sympathetic or parasympathetic (in the mode of vegetative test) as well as vegetative reactions lability (calibration mode).

Our package also uses algorithms to interpret functionality in the field of antique medicine (Tibetan and Chinese), which permits correlation with authentic knowledge on medical properties of natural remedies.

Using certain criteria of assessment of functional condition allows identification of parasitic, bacterial or viral burden as well as a propensity for oncological diseases. It is important to emphasise possibility of prompt assessment of pathological impairments development, that is, DiaCor predicts such scenarios up to two years in advance.

Such diagnostic method allows to correlate the received results with findings of other methods that are used in the clinical practice with a purpose of early reveal of the existing pathology. This is especially important in practical medicine as the deviations at this level appear before the manifestation of the clinical symptoms.

Intera-DiaCor shows hormonal status, status of nervous system, toxicity, bacterial, viral and parasitic burden, as well as blockade of organs and systems, and deficiencies of nutrients, individual enzimes, vitamines and minerals .