• Do you wake up during the night and cannot sleep? Do you get off your bed with strange aches over your body? Do you feel weak and dizzy while getting up? Do you often feel tired without any particular reason? Do you have stomachaches and headaches often? Do you have problems with breathing? Do you have frequent spasm while sleeping? Is your heart beating irregularly? Do you suffer any reumatic disease? Do you often loose contentration and thought? Are you agitated, depressive or aggressive? Do you have bad dreams?

If you have answered "yes" to some of the questions above, you should be aware of the presence of adverse radiation in your home environment! It is scientifically confirmed that level of adverse radiation is rather high, since the Earth's magnetic field has significantlly decreased. Its purpose is to protect us from Earth's radiation, as well as to support ozon layer in protecting us from cosmic radiation.



• Most frequent illnesses that occur due to adverse radiation are the following: poor memory and concentration, restless sleep, morning tiredness, poor blood circulation, cold hands and feet, fast exhaustion, headaches and faints, early occurance of reumatism, difficult conception, various neurological diseases, arithmia, general weakness, unstable blood pressure, irregular menstrual cycles, nightmares, depresion, irritability or aggression, fastened aging of face and hand skin, excessive gain or loss of weight. Following diseases occur due to longer period of exposure to radiation: diseases of internal organs, cardiovascular diseases, vascular diseases, malignant diseases, disrupted functionality of endocrine and lymph glands, general exhaustion and many other diseases.

• Geopathic radiation significantly impacts efficiency of medicines, medicinal herbs, and herb-based supplements. Main cause of the above-mentioned diseases is nagative impact of radiation on immune system, by causing general or partial blockade of bioenergetic system.

• Traditional methods of detection implied use of diving rods and/or pendulums. These methods are not very reliable as they depend on sensitivity of individual, and are therefore quite subjective.

• In order to detect adverse radiation in an objective and scientific manner, we use electronic devices. Protect your living environment now, as health of your family and yourself depends on it!

Our work methods are based on holistic approach to healing people which inevitably goes along with healing the environment. Here you can find comprehensive presentation of our work. Inform yourselves!

Live healthy!