InformoTherapy ...

... is revolutionary healing method founded by Dr. Skripniuk.

In order to understand how informotherapy works, it is important to understand human organism. On the cellular level, we are perfect electronic systems. All things in nature are composed of molecules, and molecules are composed of atoms. Atom comprises of nucleus and electrons which float around nucleus on their own orbits. Atomic charge is neutral, since positively charged nucleus and negatively charged electrons are in balance. If electron is added to atom, it makes it negative ion, since negative charge of electrons prevails over nucleus. And other way around: if electron leaves its orbit, then positive charge prevails, and atom becomes positive ion.

Ions are integral part of virtually all chemical processes. Cells are mutually divided by membranes, which are positively charged from the outside, and negatively charged from the inside, which enables substances to get in the cell and other way around. Membrane charge is a result of potassium ions being placed on its inner, and natrium ions being placed on its outer wall. Calcium ions permanently maintain that charge, and enable selective permeability for natrium and potassium ions. Lack of any of these ions disturbs membrane potential, leads to illness of the cell and its death.

Cells of every healthy organism emit waves of certain frequency, which create electromagnetic information shield around the organism, responsible for its normal/healthy functioning. From birth, each of us have individual frequency of body tissue. Several thousand chemical reactions take place every second in every cell of our body. Simultaneously. It makes is several billion chemical reactions per second. Incredibly precisely.

Bacteria, viruses, medicines, chemical additives in food, pesticides, herbicides used in agriculture, as well as food which does not correspond to antigene of blood type may disturb certain cell frequency, leading to information disorder in intracell communication. Besides, most common cause of disorder in intracell communication is exposure to adverse radiation by living on geopathic place.

Such disorder leads to energy disorder, than further to disorder in biochemical processes, eventually resulting in metabolic disorders in the tissue and illnesses. All these affect cellular genome causing oncologic diseases. Disorders in electromagnetic information frequencies spectrum in the cells will lead to diseases in the body within certain period of time.

Our body recognises balance disorders, but reactions are not always clearly expressed. Fortunately, Intera DiaCor (see DIAGNOSTICS) enables us to diagnose simptomes promptly, even before disease occurs, and respond effectively to prevent it. Very often normal operations of immune system are disabled due to presence of adverse radiation.

In first instance certain parts of organs, entire organs and even whole systems get functionally disabled, nutritients exchange is either delivered with difficulties or even entirely blocked, which eventually leads to pathology. CG generator improves functionality of every organ in our body, and not only those marked as ill. This clearly indicates holistic approach to both body as complex and compact system, and causes and consequences of diseases. Unlike official medicine which solely deals with consequences, but not seeking for cause of the diseases, informotherapy induces this process inside the body, encouraging it to roll back to previous, healthy condition. In order to ensure efficiency of any therapy, it is of utmost importance to relase the organism of any existing functional disability.

Following revolutionary discovery by Dr. Skripniuk, we went even further. Our CG generator is made of 19 different natural materials which affect human body in natural way, bringing it back into harmony within quite short period of time. CG generator does not produce any pain nor any negative impact on the patient or environment. It activates every available energy storage in the body, removes functional disabilities, and activates supply of nutritients accumulated in the body.

CG generator is not programmed; it affects the body naturally. Normal performance is not affected by presence of more generators in the room, which enables application of informotherapy on more persons simultaneously .