Presence of natural and technical radiation may easily be detected using modern electronic measuring devices. We use the following:


1. Genius - professional electronic measuring device which enables us to detect and measure underground water currents, cosmic and terrestrial radiation. We are able to determine disposition and combinations, intersections, width and strength, as well as waves interspace. Knowing disposition, width and strength of the waves, as well as type of radiation of known grids/lines which cover the entire globe - Hartmann Net, Curry Lines, Schneider Net - we determine whether any of these grids/lines is present in the area, or detected radiation is independent of these. Furthermore, we are able to detect direction of the named radiation waves, as well as direction of underground water currents. This information is of great importance, since impact of the waves that overlap is extremely adverse, regardless of their direction which may be either the same or opposite. Either way, radiation is dangerous if present in your living environment, even more in synergy than individually.


Most dangerous are:

  • radiation knobs combined with technical radiation,
  • radiation knobs combines with underground water currents,
  • different types of radiation when overlapping and moving in opposite direction,
  • different types of radiation when overlapping and moving in the same direction,
  • combination of any naturally occurring radiation waves with energy knob,
  • presence of any individually occurring radiation.


2. Suzy - device which measures presence and range (distance from the source) of technical radiation. That is non-ionising radiation which originates in overloaded electric networks, transmission lines, substations, TV and radio devices, computers and other sources in our residence. Device may be used in any occasion, and accurately detects the above mentioned.


3. We also owe and operate electronic instrument which measures total bio energy in the human body and/or segments of bio energy in individual body parts.