Here’s an example of 5 year old girl which portrays impact of adverse radiation. Moving child’s bed from one room to another resulted in leukemia within 6 months. Parents could not understand how come healthy child became so ill. Cause of the illness was the fact that their daughter’s bad was moved into geopathic place. With the protection in their home and in the hospital, on top of joined efforts of official medicine and best natural remedies lead by 100% pure aloe vera juice, non-saturated fatty acids, most powerful antioxidants and natural antibiotics, illness was defeated. When we visited family in 2006. we were told that both disks - the one that protected the house, as well as the small one that girl held with her, for personal protection - were damaged. Girl told her parents that since it happened she no longer slept as good as she did before, while they were all protected. If healthy children sleep at geopathic place, they wake up, are restless, cry… and girl was warning her parents she could no longer sleep peacefully.

How much does it cost family of five to protect themselves, per year? If we take an average of 75 years, family living in the apartment of 70 m2 needs 40 kf per member per year! And if we take into account that disks may be used by your heirs, as disks are permanent, then no further comment is needed. This is by far the best, and at the same time cheapest life insurance, paying itself out every single day. Do not forget: our CG disks protect what is most valuable to every human being - own health.

Public buildings protected with CG disks:

Emergency room Sarajevo;

Institute for Research of Crimes Against Humanity and International Law - Sarajevo;

Many offices in courts, municipalities and faculties throughout Bosnia ad Herzegovina;

However, individual houses and apartment are ahead in number, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but worldwide.

In cooperation with dr. Semir Osmanagić, founder of "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" Foundation, we examined Bosnian pyramid valley and Ravne tunnels, as well as stone spheres near Zavidovići, in regard to radiation.

Furthermore, we took part in the Second international scientific conference on Bosnian pyramid valley (ICBP 2011) held in Sarajevo and Visoko on September 5-6, 2011.

On the 17th Congress of informotherapists held in Sarajevo on October 1-2, 2011. which was attended by dr. Skripniuk himself, the very founder of informotherapy, we presented our CG generator and CG disks.

Popular singer from Croatia - Toni Cetinski - also had the opportunity to acquire information on the impact of adverse radiation on human health, and on the importance of eliminating radiation in the living environment, using CG disks.

Please take a loot at our picture GALLERY.

Besides this web site, that ultimately aims at informing on adverse radiation and effective permanent protection, we made appearance in different media in Bosnia and Herzegovina: TV Igman, TV Hayat, TV Maglaj, Radio Hayat, Radio Mostar, ASK radio Ilidža, BM radio-Zenica and Studio ''N'' in Livno.

It is of utmost importance for people to promptly perceive adverse radiation we are constantly exposed to, and to react accordingly, in order to protect themselves and their loved ones in their living environments.