Protection from all naturally occurring adverse radations

To put in place protection from the negative impact of all naturally occurring adverse radiation is the first thing every individual should due, since one's own health and health of the family largely depends on it. The greatest cause of all diseases are negative effects of adverse radiation.

CG disk is the result of multiannual scientific exploration (empirical-selective) and experiments which ultimately aims at discovering appropriate formula for complete elimination of all naturally occurring adverse radiations in designated place. It took long time to reach desired results. Thank God, we succeeded to even greater extent than foreseen! We made CG disk which completely protect us from the negative impact of all naturally occurring adverse radiation, regardless of their number and strength. Each of our CG disks protect area of certain size. You may place CG disk on your own, at the centre of your residence, roughly determined by imagining where diagonals cross. Since CG disks may not be physically damaged as in that case they loose their purpose, due attention should be paid to place it at convenient place where it is safe of physical damages. CG disks are permanent! Due to their round shape, they do not require routing such as some other known disks (IRIS, BIOSANER etc). Therefore you are completely independent of us in terms of handling. It is important to emphasise the fact that CG disks never discharge adverse radiation, as it is the case with some other known disks. CG disks protect you everywhere - in your residence, at the seaside, at the picnic - you may carry them anywhere you go in order to secure yourself protection no matter where you spend your time. Therefore, CG disks are universal !

You can protect yourself from technical radiation inside your home by making sufficient distance from the devices while they are charging. Best thing to do before you go to sleep is to unplug any electronic device located inside of your bedroom, as well as from the adjacent room (in case devices are plugged into electricity sockets located on the divisional wall between these two rooms).

By eliminating adverse radiation from your residence with CG disk, as well as by eliminating technical radiation, you secure healthy life in healthy environment for yourself and for your family. Now you are aware of good move you made for yourself and for your family. You have opened the door to health, good mood, hapiness and success, and got rid of the greatest cause of many illnesses for good.

By synergy of 19 different natural materials Earth's magnetic field gets increased, and protects us from all naturally occurring adverse radiations. Permanent, universal and versatile, independent CG disks are certainly the cheapest protection for all times. We have been present on the market for more than 6 years.